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The 5 Best Shark Tank Products You Can Buy on Amazon

There have been many fun and innovative products over the years on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Here are some of the best items you can currently buy on Amazon.


The Chordbuddy guitar learning system

The Chordbuddy is an innovative system to help you learn the guitar. The product attaches to your electric or acoustic guitar and then color-codes the chords. You can then pick up the included songbook or DVD and quickly learn, and perfect many popular songs.


The Chordbuddy debuted on Shark Tank in season 3 and since then has become a wildly popular item on Amazon. To get yours and check the latest prices go online now.


The Baker’s Edge non-stick edge brownie pan

In Season 5, Baker’s Edge presented their smartly designed pan. The non-stick edge pan uses cleverly placed ridges that create a snake-like cake or brownie. This allows you to bake a whole brownie cake full of corners. Corner pieces are often considered the best due to their soft, crunchy mix, and most brownie lovers will tell you they are the most delicious pieces. Find the Baker’s Edge non-stick edge brownie pan on Amazon today, and join the brownie revolution.



Nerdwax was picked up in Season 7 as an innovative way to help out glasses wearers. The product’s purpose is to help hold glasses on the wearers face during vigorous activity. Nerdwax is also made of 100% natural ingredients, which is kind to the skin and won’t give you spot breakouts. The product has been well received on Amazon, so pick yours up today.


Fizzics Waytap beer

This product makes your bottled or canned beer taste like a freshly poured drink in a bar. The Fizzics Waytap uses a patented gas technology to turn your store-bought brand into an expensive tasting beer. The machine is very portable and only needs 4 AA batteries so it can be taken anywhere your beer can.  Check Amazon now for the latest price of this wonderful product.


Go Cubes chewable coffee

These gummy cubes are perfect for those of us in a rush to work each morning. The cubes come in three flavors: pure drip, mocha, and latte. Each cube is the same as drinking half a cup of coffee and each pack contains 4 pieces or 2 cups. It is also much cheaper than some people’s morning trip to the local coffee shop. These cubes are a great alternative source of caffeine during your commute, and you can pick up 24 or 80 cube packs on Amazon now.


Drop Stop seat gap filler

Have you ever dropped your phone, or money down the seat gaps in your car? I’m sure we have all done this at some point, and then struggled around retrieve the item for minutes and minutes afterward. Drop Stop seat gap filler covers that gap effortlessly and makes sure you never drop anything down the sides of your car seats ever again. Pick up this innovative, one of a kind product on Amazon today.


If none of these products are up your alley, there’s even websites now where weight loss products as seen on Shark Tank are reviewed and categorized. I hope you found my review useful but if you’d rather find out which fat burner products or pills were featured on the show, feel free to visit the weight loss page.






Great Gaming Chairs for Big Tall Guys

Gamers come in all heights and sizes and while the typical average sized gamer might find it a lot easier to find a good chair, the same cannot be said for the taller and bigger guys. Their longer legs and extra pounds call for improved features and not many gaming chairs might be able to offer this. That is why it is important to have a quick look at the different chairs that can serve the big and tall guys well.

Vertagear PL6000

The Vertagear PL6000 employs a hoard of features that make it a top candidate for big guys looking for a comfortable chair. It has a robust steel skeleton that has a high weight limit and provides solid reinforcement. It also has premium padding that helps to distribute the weight evenly for a more comfortable experience and a neck pillow that provides added upper body comfort.

The base of the chair is able to accommodate up to 440 pounds which is quite impressive and provides for a stable and reliable base for most gamers.  It is a worthy invest for taller and bigger gamers who are in the pursuit of comfort.

Ewin Gaming Chair

While the Vertagear concentrates of support, the Ewin Gaming Chair focuses on comfort. Among the features that it offers to help bigger gamers experience comfort is a flexibly tall and adjustable backrest and an allow base that is connected to steel frame that guarantees durability and immense weight handling. This also goes a long way in offering stability when using the product.

The chair is relatively easily to clean with a PU cover that is also immune to fading so you always keep a clean and cool looking chair no matter how frequently you use it. It also has a very commendable tilt allowance of between 90 and 155 degrees and it is super easy to set while. Even though the last feature is not entirely for the big guys, it does save you time and effort and gives you more time to game instead of struggling to set up your chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair

Other than the longer limbs and higher weight scale, bigger guys also battle with profuse sweating. With prolonged hours of gaming, it can be very uncomfortable as your back gets wetter. The Herman Miller gaming chair should be the perfect solution to all your problems. It is a pretty straightforward chair with numerous features that guarantee weight distribution and durability and it is worth mentioning that it comes with a 12 year warranty.

The complete steal however is the posture fit technology that ensures perfect spine alignment and the pellicle suspension that ensures fast heat dissipation allowing your back to remain dry among all the tension that comes with trying to win a game.

There are plenty of other options that are available. However, these three offer the set of features that most gamers who are tall would be looking for. You will notice that all these are pedestal gaming chairs largely because tall and big gamers will find it difficult seating with their legs so close to the ground so the pedestal option is more favorable for them.

Tips for running with a Jogging Stroller

For safety and practical reasons, children should be between at least six and eight months and older before you embark on a run in a stroller and the main reason for this is that their necks should be strong enough to hold up their own heads and of course to cope with the bumps on the surface of the road or track that you are running on.

  • When you are out running with your child, the ideal stroller is one that has a wrist strap connected to the handlebar; this is especially beneficial when jogging on a downhill as should the jogger slip from your hands the strap will keep the stroller from straying away from you.
  • By locking the back wheels by means of a lever that can be flipped, ensures that when you take your hands off the stroller for whatever reason there will be no untoward accidents.  Strollers have been modelled to coast along without difficulty, so if you are not a flat surface you run the risk of the stroller moving away from you if the wheels are not locked, keep this in mind as it’s not worth the risk.
  • Always remember that you are responsible for the safety of your passenger, stick to safe routes, take note of the weather conditions at the time, ultimately keep out of the dark and rather jog in the daytime and just generally take note of the conditions and surroundings around you and never let your guard down.
  • Avoid crowded areas when jogging with a stroller because you can’t weave in and out of people as you can when you are running alone.  Frustration is the last avenue you want to go down so rather stick to paved trails and un-crowded places.

Avoid an average four wheeled stroller for jogging, they just are not made for this type of adventure, they can tip very easily and the precarious wheels are not to be trusted at high speeds.    Rather look out for a stroller that is smooth moving and stable.  As a jogger and a new parent as well, it would suffice to say that a jogging stroller will be a worthy investment, both for you and your precious passenger.

Before embarking on a run with your little one, the tires need to be checked, do a general inspection of the stroller making sure that nothing is loose, use bicycle oil to lubricate the shock piston, this will prevent the stroller from getting squeaky.

Your general running with the stroller will require that you keep both hands on the handlebar, purely for better control.   And if you are running down a substantial downhill have the wrist strap securely around your hand while holding on tight with both hands.   On a flat road or surface, alternating your hands will be fine.  When you have completed your run or race, make sure that you do not lean into the stroller especially when you are tired, preferably stay upright keeping your elbows bent.


This is a guest post by Lucy at Best Jogging Stroller

Enjoy Modern Living with These 3 Home Gadgets

A home is not only a place where you shelter yourself from the aspects of weather and keep yourself and your loved ones comfortable. The modernity and change of lifestyle have made homes more than just places where you need to relax. A good home tailor made to fit your busy schedule and your lifestyle can help accelerate your lifestyle and even make your life easier. This is why so many people are investing state of the art technology in their homes.

Luckily, while most people decide to build smart homes from the ground up, you don’t have to. Updating your home and being able to enjoy the pleasures of modern day living only requires smart decision and strategic purchases of gadgets that would make your life much easier. Here are three gadgets that you could start with.

  1. Logitech Harmony 650

One of the most annoying things is having to forage for a remote every time you need to switch channels. As much as remote controls save you the effort of having to stand every time you want to change a setting, having multiple remotes for every appliance can make the living room look messy and they are more prone to getting lost and damaged. Even worse, there is the tendency of sitting down and halfway down your relaxation, you realize one of the remotes is not with you.

The Logitech harmony is one of the tools that is not only affordable but could bring a huge wave of change into how you live. This single gadget is able to control most of the appliances saving you the trouble of searching for each of the remotes and giving you the power of control and comfort.

  1. Sound toothbrush

Contrary to popular opinion, technology is not only limited to your living room. There are changes that you can make to other areas that would stand out and help you lead an easier life as well. Over the years, there has not been a lot of change in the way toothbrushes work or feel. That was until the sound toothbrush came along. There is no better modernity statement than reaching into your bathroom cabinet and pulling out a toothbrush that looks like it came from the next life.

The best thing about sound toothbrushes other than their diversity is that they not only look and feel good but they also offer better cleaning as well. They are a win-win. They make brushing in the morning something you look forward to while at the same time cutting down your chances of having to visit the dentist with dental issues.

  1. High Wire act

If you hate the sight of wires crossing everywhere in your home, then this is going to be one of your favorite gadgets. One thing is true. If you want a modernized home, chances are, you will have a lot of wires that help to charge or run different equipment. With the High wire act or Ikea’s wireless charging furniture, you could get rid of those wires and at the same time make your gadgets more mobiles.

There are different options of furniture that you can choose from including different lamps. Bed tables and even desks. If you don’t want anything fancy, you can also opt for the charging pads.

Modernity is a part of life and the sooner you embrace the better. It offers unique feel to your home and allows you to have a house that is fitted for your needs and one that gives you the best chance at being successful in life. These three gadge

5 Tips for Nailing the Steampunk Look

Considering the fierce competition that looms over all steampunk gatherings, you can never have enough information on how to make your steampunk look even better. Considering that this is all about creativity, any additional information can come in handy in making sure that you’re able to recreate your costumes and be the life of the event. To help you achieve exactly that, here are a couple of tips that will really come in handy. Thanks to Steampunkartifacts.com for the info below:

  1. You’re not re-enacting

It is okay to want to be historically accurate but that is not what steampunk is all about. It is actually about the opposite, undermining the historical aesthetic. You shouldn’t worry about where your buttons were previously featured or on which year they were invented. The goal is to have something fancy and fashionable. And if someone asks you about any aspect of your costume or accessories, the best answer would be to tell them you’re a time traveller and you’re off the hook.

  1. It is not all about the Victorian England Box

It is true that a lot of the costumes around steampunk are Victorian age inspired. But, the truth of the matter is, there were plenty of other cultures in the 1800s that you can use to inspire your costume. There is the old and graceful American cowboy, and Asian pirate. These two are great sources of inspiration to help you design a new and stand out costumes.

This might be a great tip especially when you’re running thin on Victorian ideas for your next steampunk event.

  1. Hound the thrift stores

Without the right ideas on where to get equipment, the steampunk lifestyle can quickly get expensive and tiresome. Finding everything you need on a whim can be hard. Thrift stores are a goldmine when it comes to steampunk ensembles. You will definitely find great pieces and accessories for throw away prices. Frequent your Salvation Army and make frequenting thrift stores a habit. The more the time you’re in there the better the chances you have of getting some great pieces for an unbelievable price.

  1. Make the sewing machine your friend

Needles and threads can be a bit daunting. But, in most cases, you will definitely have to face your fear. You will almost always find a great costume that needs touch ups here and there. With a sewing machine and some skill in case you have some, you can even make your own costume from scratch. It saves you the effort of having to go from store to store looking for a befitting costume.

  1. Too much does not apply here

If there is one place where your creativity is not capped at all, steampunk is it. You’re allowed to go all out. With steampunk, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you should think about what you would like to add. It is the golden rule in making yourself standout.

Being resourceful is the first and most valuable aspect of being good at designing your steampunk costumes. These tips will help you build on your creative nature and allow you to branch and make even better and more stunning outfits.

5 Ideas to Help You Design on a Budget

So you’re moving into a new home and after making all the payments, you don’t have a lot left to do all the decorating to make the house what you had in mind. Well, worry not, you’re not the first one to be in such a situation. Thanks to the creative minds of previous home owners who found themselves in a similar situation as well as experts, there are ideas that you could actually borrow. Not only will they allow you to work with your shoe string budget, they will also let you capture that dream home idea you had and make it a reality.


Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! It might be one of the cheaper endeavors when it comes to remodeling and design but painting also happens to have one of the most dramatic effects. By all means, you want to come to a house that has freshly painted walls but that might not be a very good idea. The reason is, you will have to work all pieces to fit the color of the paint. If you opt to have the pieces first then blend your paint with the theme, you will save yourself a potential repainting job.

Reach out to friends and family

This is where you stand to make a big saving. All those friends and family can come in handy. Whether it is moving things, repainting or getting some DIY jobs done, family and friends offer you free labor and if it’s not free, then it is more affordable than what you would spend with alternative options. The best thing about bringing in friends and family is that you not only get the added muscle but their respective expertise.

Shop at second-hand stores

Shopping at second hand stores is something that takes time and patience. However, it saves you time. You can get vintage and highly impressive pieces as such shops. You just have to be patient and cover your ground exhaustively. Thrift stores, consignment shops, rummage sales by churches or even online auctions are all very formidable options when you’re looking for creative places to get top of the line furniture at rock bottom prices.

Wait for sales and discounts

If you don’t want to go for the second-hand option, then the other option that will also save you money is going for discounts and sales. The only problem is going to be the fact that these require a lot of research and patience. Not all shops and outlets have discounts all the time and especially for the item that you might be looking for. However, with a little luck and patient, you can also score some big savings with sales and discounts as well.

Putting together your dream home will require you to have an open mind so that you can save. Solutions like reusing items that you previously had might not sound so savory but they will save you money and get the job done. Also, try not to go for the Mix and match approach. The mixing is okay but not the matching. Buying an entire set of sofas, matching linen and everything is not cheap and also happens to be very boring to the eye. With mixing you can bring together different pieces all of them working towards the same goal of a great looking home.

Giving your Interior a Modern Living Feel on a Budget

As an interior designer, I can tell you that in order to achieve a state of the art interior, you’re going to have to spend some money. It is every homeowner’s nightmare not having the home that they have always wanted thanks to money constraints. However, this should not always be the case. In fact, with proper knowledge you can be able to get an elegant interior on a budget. You just have to know what matters and what has the greatest impact. For instance, you might want to dwell on having great kitchen cabinet handles yet they will have very little or no physical appeal to the kitchen compared to having a quality paint job done.

It is important to make sure that you’re not flushing your money down the drain and are instead investing it in the best possible ways. This will make sure that you get an elegant looking interior at a low price tag and even better an appeal that will blow your guests away. Now that you get the picture, here are some great ideas and tips that could help you use your shoe string budget to give yourself a millionaire interior.

Crown molding

Crown molding is every home owner’s first trick. Any elegant home needs a well finished and detailed interior and crown molding gives you both for a very inexpensive price tag. You don’t have to stick to the edges of the ceilings with this. You can break a few rules and use it on the kitchen cabinets and the walls. It is a smart way of bringing the walls and the ceiling together and giving them that wow factor. It is definitely something that brings the wow-factor into the room and allows it to look more elegant and custom-made.


The paint job

Remember that argument we had earlier of considering the paint over the cabinet handles, well, it lives. A great paint job will cover any mediocrity in the finishing and interior of the house. It allows you to make the interior into anything you want and let the rooms say anything you want them to. You have to be careful to get the pairings right and above all. You have to make sure that you pick a paint that will capture attention. It gives little room for your guests to look for mistakes and are caught in awe of the excellent color. Keep in mind that getting the paint job done properly is just as vital. It is one of those areas where you are advised to channel most of your funds especially if you are not going to spend big on the rest of the interior.

Light Purple Home Paint Color Throughout Bedroom Paint Designs For Bedrooms Stunning Design Ideas Of Pink And Purple Bedrooms With White Wall Paint Color Brown Wooden Floor Also Colors Covered - Ideas for Best Design of Home


Now these are a truly inexpensive and clever way of bumping up your interior and making it more elegant and wait for it, more comfortable! Pillows throughout the house will give the house a much needed elegant touch and they also provide your guests with some extra comfort. But the keyword in this case would not really be the pillows but the kind of pillows. You have to make sure that you make your choices appropriately to complement or contrast the rest of finishing.


Getting a great look for your home can be a daunting task especially if you have no budget to match the taste. These tricks if used properly will get you as close as possible for only a fraction of the initial price (mid century modern inspired furniture has been famous for replicating the high end look without the pricetag). You just have to be clever enough to implement them in a clever and genius way that will allow them to serve you better.

How Learning How To Repair Computers Has Drastically Improved My Life

Let’s be honest. Lake View is a small town and often you’ll find that you may have to travel out of town (sometimes as far as Des Moines) to get things done. I personally hate travelling across town to get my computer fixed everytime it breaks down. This is why I think learning how to fix computers can save us small town Iowans both time and money. it is always a bad idea for anyone to try and pass an opportunity to learn something new. This is more so the case if what they are learning might end up being a life skill in some sort of way. Taking an online computer repair course is one of the things that you should not take for granted. Considering the fact that computers have become a common thing at most workplaces and even home, having basic repair training could give you an edge and prove to be a great asset to your skill set.

You are more computer literate

Nowadays, it is hard to find a person who cannot pound at the keys when put in front of a PC. Even children can do it. Taking an online computer repair training course ensures that you have better knowledge of a PC other than pounding at the keys and you have better understanding of how the machine works making it easier for you to take care of it better.

Repair becomes cheaper

Remember those days when your PC broke down, you took it to the shop, took ages to get it back and when you did, the cost of repair was almost as much as buying a new one? With a course on computer repair, you never have to subject yourself to such expensive and inconveniencing repairs again. You can fix it right up and carry on with what you were doing. Even better, you can use the knowledge learned to ensure you maintain a healthy computer and prolong its life this way you do not have to buy another one anytime soon.

Better employment opportunities

It is every employer’s dream to hire highly skilled employees and with a very competitive job market, every single extra skill that you have can prove to be your advantage. Considering that virtually every workplace has a computer, it is not hard to see why your online computer training course might eventually become your ticket to a better job opportunities and improve your chances of getting other jobs that you had applied for.

Better than average pay

Every employer knows when they have landed a great employee when the employee not only performs the job to the best to his or her ability, that person is also able to repair and troubleshoot critical business tools such as computer hardware and software. As such to keep your faith and your skills, the employer is more inclined to pay you better in order to retain and motivate talent. Needless to mention, they will also be less inclined to fire you when you mess up.

In this day and age, computers have become somewhat of a pet with a very personal attachment. They not only run your life but they are your life. Instead of it breaking down and being replaced, most people will opt to have it repaired. This is where the problem starts. With many cunning repair shops, you will end up paying for repairs that were never done. But, by taking an online computer repair course, you can save yourself the money and the effort and take care of your baby yourself.

Why Hiring A Cleaning Service Is Always A Good Idea!

So although this blog is about modern living in Iowa, what you guys may not know is that I studied and lived in Chicago for a brief while as a writer. Good writing is difficult work and the last thing I want to do after is clean! Ugh why couldn’t my apartment grow a pair and clean itself!? Anyway I quickly discovered that hiring a local Chicago cleaning services company was the way to go. Here are some of my tips. Hope you enjoy!

Are you tired of always getting home to a dirty and disorganized house? After a tough day at work, your home should be the one place where you get relaxation and a cool breeze of air. Not to start tiding up and scrubbing stains off. So if you’re in Chicago like I was a few years ago (time flies quick!!), here’s a simple solution that could save you lots of trouble and ensure that your home remains spotless clean without suffering an aching back and stiff fingers. Hiring a cleaning company in Chicago is the trick! Before you write off the idea, here are a ton of ways that you could benefit from hiring a cleaning company.


Of course, your main problem with any house cleaning company would be the cost. While there are a great deal of them that will charge you per room, the one I used while living in Chicago was Companion Maids house cleaning services will charge you per square foot which means that you get lower prices. For instance, if you own about 1600 square feet of space, you could pay as little as $97. Compare that with breaking your back every day after work and you can see why it is a real bargain.


You want to be sure that your property will be safe after you hire the Maids from Chicago and let them in your house. It is a concern that every home owner has. However, not only is your property protected by the skillful and careful hands of the maids, the company is bonded and licensed and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. If that is not enough to assure you of the safety of your property, how about the fact that the company is covered by an industry gold standard insurance? That definitely has you covered in case of anything.






Even with the benefits that a cleaning company may have to offer, the last thing you want is to have to wait for the maids all day. Luckily, they understand time is of the essence and ensure that the cleaners get to your home on time. They also make sure that they keep appointments so you do not have to worry about them canceling even when you are absent. You will be certain that you will walk home into a clean house.



Customized service

It is your home. No one should come and tell you how to clean it or where it should be cleaned. In that light, the cleaning company sends teams of two depending on the size of the home and the service is as customized as you would like it to be. If you want just one room cleaned, then that is exactly what will happen.



Pay after services

Now this is the ultimate benefit of hiring house cleaning Chicago services. You only pay after the cleaners have come, done their job and left. You will get a slip on your email. This way, if you are not happy with the results, you can have this ironed out before paying. There are no chances of getting ripped off and should there be any concerns, you can contact the owner directly.

After pointing out all these benefits, it is impossible for you to still want to do your house cleaning yourself. You will be doing an injustice to yourself, your body and your house. Let the professionals get it done while you relax.

Do You Know Your Modern From Your Contemporary?

In furniture design terms, “modern” refers to furniture designed and manufactured in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and the understanding may even include the period from the 1920s to the 1970s. During this period – during and post-world wars – there was an air of austerity which guided the designers and use of materials. Stylishly designed mass produced furniture became the order of the day. It is only in the late 1990s that the “designer” tag became sought after with the unspoken understanding that it meant “exclusive” or “once-off”.
Enter: “contemporary”. By its very definition, it means “at the present time; occurring in the same period” but every Thesaurus will give you “modern” as an alternate word… therefore the confusion.


New-age materials
In furniture design terms, there is a distinct difference when referring to the two design styles. Modern furniture is glass, brass, tubes, polished stainless-steel, vinyl, and plastic. With the influence of German designers, wood was also incorporated in the form of rosewood and oak plywood which could be moulded in different shapes.
The designs had to give the feeling of space and airiness to get away from the earlier dark and heavy brocade materials and flocked wallpapers.
Multiple uses e4772b2530e5851e409cc99c6037b29f
Modern furniture was designed with multiple uses in mind. Furniture could be assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle or each piece could be used on its own. Tables also got new jobs with drawers being added for additional storage space.


Contemporary styles
Contemporary styles evolve all the time and therefore it cannot be called one particular style, but rather a combination of all the styles that have gone before, plus a healthy dose of futuristic designs and innovative use of materials. A great example of current design style is the Clinch Wood Top Coffee Table from Emfurn Mid Century. The table combines a stained pinewood top encircled with a studded metal band and a ratchet screw to adjust the height. The legs are reminiscent of the modern style – minimalist and functional.


Back to some pre-modern elements

Although for the past hundred years or so, the heavy wallpapers of the pre-war era has been shunned, it has made a comeback in the form of lighter designs and accent pieces.
Comparing Modern With Vintage
When one looks at contemporary designs, some of them mimic mid-century modern.
Reviving modern designs and incorporating them into our contemporary designs brings back a feeling of a gentler time, without becoming totally emotional about a lost era. Although few of us would give up our technology-rich lives of today, we somehow would like to get those simpler times back, even just in thought and the ambience a well-designed piece of furniture can give us.…