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Month: November 2015

How Learning How To Repair Computers Has Drastically Improved My Life

Let’s be honest. Lake View is a small town and often you’ll find that you may have to travel out of town (sometimes as far as Des Moines) to get things done. I personally hate travelling across town to get my computer fixed everytime it breaks down. This is why I think learning how to fix computers can save us small town Iowans both time and money. it is always a bad idea for anyone to try and pass an opportunity to learn something new. This is more so the case if what they are learning might end up being a life skill in some sort of way. Taking an online computer repair course is one of the things that you should not take for granted. Considering the fact that computers have become a common thing at most workplaces and even home, having basic repair training could give you an edge and prove to be a great asset to your skill set.

You are more computer literate

Nowadays, it is hard to find a person who cannot pound at the keys when put in front of a PC. Even children can do it. Taking an online computer repair training course ensures that you have better knowledge of a PC other than pounding at the keys and you have better understanding of how the machine works making it easier for you to take care of it better.

Repair becomes cheaper

Remember those days when your PC broke down, you took it to the shop, took ages to get it back and when you did, the cost of repair was almost as much as buying a new one? With a course on computer repair, you never have to subject yourself to such expensive and inconveniencing repairs again. You can fix it right up and carry on with what you were doing. Even better, you can use the knowledge learned to ensure you maintain a healthy computer and prolong its life this way you do not have to buy another one anytime soon.

Better employment opportunities

It is every employer’s dream to hire highly skilled employees and with a very competitive job market, every single extra skill that you have can prove to be your advantage. Considering that virtually every workplace has a computer, it is not hard to see why your online computer training course might eventually become your ticket to a better job opportunities and improve your chances of getting other jobs that you had applied for.

Better than average pay

Every employer knows when they have landed a great employee when the employee not only performs the job to the best to his or her ability, that person is also able to repair and troubleshoot critical business tools such as computer hardware and software. As such to keep your faith and your skills, the employer is more inclined to pay you better in order to retain and motivate talent. Needless to mention, they will also be less inclined to fire you when you mess up.

In this day and age, computers have become somewhat of a pet with a very personal attachment. They not only run your life but they are your life. Instead of it breaking down and being replaced, most people will opt to have it repaired. This is where the problem starts. With many cunning repair shops, you will end up paying for repairs that were never done. But, by taking an online computer repair course, you can save yourself the money and the effort and take care of your baby yourself.

Why Hiring A Cleaning Service Is Always A Good Idea!

So although this blog is about modern living in Iowa, what you guys may not know is that I studied and lived in Chicago for a brief while as a writer. Good writing is difficult work and the last thing I want to do after is clean! Ugh why couldn’t my apartment grow a pair and clean itself!? Anyway I quickly discovered that hiring a local Chicago cleaning services company was the way to go. Here are some of my tips. Hope you enjoy!

Are you tired of always getting home to a dirty and disorganized house? After a tough day at work, your home should be the one place where you get relaxation and a cool breeze of air. Not to start tiding up and scrubbing stains off. So if you’re in Chicago like I was a few years ago (time flies quick!!), here’s a simple solution that could save you lots of trouble and ensure that your home remains spotless clean without suffering an aching back and stiff fingers. Hiring a cleaning company in Chicago is the trick! Before you write off the idea, here are a ton of ways that you could benefit from hiring a cleaning company.


Of course, your main problem with any house cleaning company would be the cost. While there are a great deal of them that will charge you per room, the one I used while living in Chicago was Companion Maids house cleaning services will charge you per square foot which means that you get lower prices. For instance, if you own about 1600 square feet of space, you could pay as little as $97. Compare that with breaking your back every day after work and you can see why it is a real bargain.


You want to be sure that your property will be safe after you hire the Maids from Chicago and let them in your house. It is a concern that every home owner has. However, not only is your property protected by the skillful and careful hands of the maids, the company is bonded and licensed and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. If that is not enough to assure you of the safety of your property, how about the fact that the company is covered by an industry gold standard insurance? That definitely has you covered in case of anything.






Even with the benefits that a cleaning company may have to offer, the last thing you want is to have to wait for the maids all day. Luckily, they understand time is of the essence and ensure that the cleaners get to your home on time. They also make sure that they keep appointments so you do not have to worry about them canceling even when you are absent. You will be certain that you will walk home into a clean house.



Customized service

It is your home. No one should come and tell you how to clean it or where it should be cleaned. In that light, the cleaning company sends teams of two depending on the size of the home and the service is as customized as you would like it to be. If you want just one room cleaned, then that is exactly what will happen.



Pay after services

Now this is the ultimate benefit of hiring house cleaning Chicago services. You only pay after the cleaners have come, done their job and left. You will get a slip on your email. This way, if you are not happy with the results, you can have this ironed out before paying. There are no chances of getting ripped off and should there be any concerns, you can contact the owner directly.

After pointing out all these benefits, it is impossible for you to still want to do your house cleaning yourself. You will be doing an injustice to yourself, your body and your house. Let the professionals get it done while you relax.