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Month: January 2017

Enjoy Modern Living with These 3 Home Gadgets

A home is not only a place where you shelter yourself from the aspects of weather and keep yourself and your loved ones comfortable. The modernity and change of lifestyle have made homes more than just places where you need to relax. A good home tailor made to fit your busy schedule and your lifestyle can help accelerate your lifestyle and even make your life easier. This is why so many people are investing state of the art technology in their homes.

Luckily, while most people decide to build smart homes from the ground up, you don’t have to. Updating your home and being able to enjoy the pleasures of modern day living only requires smart decision and strategic purchases of gadgets that would make your life much easier. Here are three gadgets that you could start with.

  1. Logitech Harmony 650

One of the most annoying things is having to forage for a remote every time you need to switch channels. As much as remote controls save you the effort of having to stand every time you want to change a setting, having multiple remotes for every appliance can make the living room look messy and they are more prone to getting lost and damaged. Even worse, there is the tendency of sitting down and halfway down your relaxation, you realize one of the remotes is not with you.

The Logitech harmony is one of the tools that is not only affordable but could bring a huge wave of change into how you live. This single gadget is able to control most of the appliances saving you the trouble of searching for each of the remotes and giving you the power of control and comfort.

  1. Sound toothbrush

Contrary to popular opinion, technology is not only limited to your living room. There are changes that you can make to other areas that would stand out and help you lead an easier life as well. Over the years, there has not been a lot of change in the way toothbrushes work or feel. That was until the sound toothbrush came along. There is no better modernity statement than reaching into your bathroom cabinet and pulling out a toothbrush that looks like it came from the next life.

The best thing about sound toothbrushes other than their diversity is that they not only look and feel good but they also offer better cleaning as well. They are a win-win. They make brushing in the morning something you look forward to while at the same time cutting down your chances of having to visit the dentist with dental issues.

  1. High Wire act

If you hate the sight of wires crossing everywhere in your home, then this is going to be one of your favorite gadgets. One thing is true. If you want a modernized home, chances are, you will have a lot of wires that help to charge or run different equipment. With the High wire act or Ikea’s wireless charging furniture, you could get rid of those wires and at the same time make your gadgets more mobiles.

There are different options of furniture that you can choose from including different lamps. Bed tables and even desks. If you don’t want anything fancy, you can also opt for the charging pads.

Modernity is a part of life and the sooner you embrace the better. It offers unique feel to your home and allows you to have a house that is fitted for your needs and one that gives you the best chance at being successful in life. These three gadge

5 Tips for Nailing the Steampunk Look

Considering the fierce competition that looms over all steampunk gatherings, you can never have enough information on how to make your steampunk look even better. Considering that this is all about creativity, any additional information can come in handy in making sure that you’re able to recreate your costumes and be the life of the event. To help you achieve exactly that, here are a couple of tips that will really come in handy. Thanks to Steampunkartifacts.com for the info below:

  1. You’re not re-enacting

It is okay to want to be historically accurate but that is not what steampunk is all about. It is actually about the opposite, undermining the historical aesthetic. You shouldn’t worry about where your buttons were previously featured or on which year they were invented. The goal is to have something fancy and fashionable. And if someone asks you about any aspect of your costume or accessories, the best answer would be to tell them you’re a time traveller and you’re off the hook.

  1. It is not all about the Victorian England Box

It is true that a lot of the costumes around steampunk are Victorian age inspired. But, the truth of the matter is, there were plenty of other cultures in the 1800s that you can use to inspire your costume. There is the old and graceful American cowboy, and Asian pirate. These two are great sources of inspiration to help you design a new and stand out costumes.

This might be a great tip especially when you’re running thin on Victorian ideas for your next steampunk event.

  1. Hound the thrift stores

Without the right ideas on where to get equipment, the steampunk lifestyle can quickly get expensive and tiresome. Finding everything you need on a whim can be hard. Thrift stores are a goldmine when it comes to steampunk ensembles. You will definitely find great pieces and accessories for throw away prices. Frequent your Salvation Army and make frequenting thrift stores a habit. The more the time you’re in there the better the chances you have of getting some great pieces for an unbelievable price.

  1. Make the sewing machine your friend

Needles and threads can be a bit daunting. But, in most cases, you will definitely have to face your fear. You will almost always find a great costume that needs touch ups here and there. With a sewing machine and some skill in case you have some, you can even make your own costume from scratch. It saves you the effort of having to go from store to store looking for a befitting costume.

  1. Too much does not apply here

If there is one place where your creativity is not capped at all, steampunk is it. You’re allowed to go all out. With steampunk, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you should think about what you would like to add. It is the golden rule in making yourself standout.

Being resourceful is the first and most valuable aspect of being good at designing your steampunk costumes. These tips will help you build on your creative nature and allow you to branch and make even better and more stunning outfits.