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Month: April 2018

Great Gaming Chairs for Big Tall Guys

Gamers come in all heights and sizes and while the typical average sized gamer might find it a lot easier to find a good chair, the same cannot be said for the taller and bigger guys. Their longer legs and extra pounds call for improved features and not many gaming chairs might be able to offer this. That is why it is important to have a quick look at the different chairs that can serve the big and tall guys well.

Vertagear PL6000

The Vertagear PL6000 employs a hoard of features that make it a top candidate for big guys looking for a comfortable chair. It has a robust steel skeleton that has a high weight limit and provides solid reinforcement. It also has premium padding that helps to distribute the weight evenly for a more comfortable experience and a neck pillow that provides added upper body comfort.

The base of the chair is able to accommodate up to 440 pounds which is quite impressive and provides for a stable and reliable base for most gamers.  It is a worthy invest for taller and bigger gamers who are in the pursuit of comfort.

Ewin Gaming Chair

While the Vertagear concentrates of support, the Ewin Gaming Chair focuses on comfort. Among the features that it offers to help bigger gamers experience comfort is a flexibly tall and adjustable backrest and an allow base that is connected to steel frame that guarantees durability and immense weight handling. This also goes a long way in offering stability when using the product.

The chair is relatively easily to clean with a PU cover that is also immune to fading so you always keep a clean and cool looking chair no matter how frequently you use it. It also has a very commendable tilt allowance of between 90 and 155 degrees and it is super easy to set while. Even though the last feature is not entirely for the big guys, it does save you time and effort and gives you more time to game instead of struggling to set up your chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair

Other than the longer limbs and higher weight scale, bigger guys also battle with profuse sweating. With prolonged hours of gaming, it can be very uncomfortable as your back gets wetter. The Herman Miller gaming chair should be the perfect solution to all your problems. It is a pretty straightforward chair with numerous features that guarantee weight distribution and durability and it is worth mentioning that it comes with a 12 year warranty.

The complete steal however is the posture fit technology that ensures perfect spine alignment and the pellicle suspension that ensures fast heat dissipation allowing your back to remain dry among all the tension that comes with trying to win a game.

There are plenty of other options that are available. However, these three offer the set of features that most gamers who are tall would be looking for. You will notice that all these are pedestal gaming chairs largely because tall and big gamers will find it difficult seating with their legs so close to the ground so the pedestal option is more favorable for them.