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Month: July 2018

The 5 Best Shark Tank Products You Can Buy on Amazon

There have been many fun and innovative products over the years on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Here are some of the best items you can currently buy on Amazon.


The Chordbuddy guitar learning system

The Chordbuddy is an innovative system to help you learn the guitar. The product attaches to your electric or acoustic guitar and then color-codes the chords. You can then pick up the included songbook or DVD and quickly learn, and perfect many popular songs.


The Chordbuddy debuted on Shark Tank in season 3 and since then has become a wildly popular item on Amazon. To get yours and check the latest prices go online now.


The Baker’s Edge non-stick edge brownie pan

In Season 5, Baker’s Edge presented their smartly designed pan. The non-stick edge pan uses cleverly placed ridges that create a snake-like cake or brownie. This allows you to bake a whole brownie cake full of corners. Corner pieces are often considered the best due to their soft, crunchy mix, and most brownie lovers will tell you they are the most delicious pieces. Find the Baker’s Edge non-stick edge brownie pan on Amazon today, and join the brownie revolution.



Nerdwax was picked up in Season 7 as an innovative way to help out glasses wearers. The product’s purpose is to help hold glasses on the wearers face during vigorous activity. Nerdwax is also made of 100% natural ingredients, which is kind to the skin and won’t give you spot breakouts. The product has been well received on Amazon, so pick yours up today.


Fizzics Waytap beer

This product makes your bottled or canned beer taste like a freshly poured drink in a bar. The Fizzics Waytap uses a patented gas technology to turn your store-bought brand into an expensive tasting beer. The machine is very portable and only needs 4 AA batteries so it can be taken anywhere your beer can.  Check Amazon now for the latest price of this wonderful product.


Go Cubes chewable coffee

These gummy cubes are perfect for those of us in a rush to work each morning. The cubes come in three flavors: pure drip, mocha, and latte. Each cube is the same as drinking half a cup of coffee and each pack contains 4 pieces or 2 cups. It is also much cheaper than some people’s morning trip to the local coffee shop. These cubes are a great alternative source of caffeine during your commute, and you can pick up 24 or 80 cube packs on Amazon now.


Drop Stop seat gap filler

Have you ever dropped your phone, or money down the seat gaps in your car? I’m sure we have all done this at some point, and then struggled around retrieve the item for minutes and minutes afterward. Drop Stop seat gap filler covers that gap effortlessly and makes sure you never drop anything down the sides of your car seats ever again. Pick up this innovative, one of a kind product on Amazon today.


If none of these products are up your alley, there’s even websites now where weight loss products as seen on Shark Tank are reviewed and categorized. I hope you found my review useful but if you’d rather find out which fat burner products or pills were featured on the show, feel free to visit the weight loss page.