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Tips for running with a Jogging Stroller

For safety and practical reasons, children should be between at least six and eight months and older before you embark on a run in a stroller and the main reason for this is that their necks should be strong enough to hold up their own heads and of course to cope with the bumps on the surface of the road or track that you are running on.

  • When you are out running with your child, the ideal stroller is one that has a wrist strap connected to the handlebar; this is especially beneficial when jogging on a downhill as should the jogger slip from your hands the strap will keep the stroller from straying away from you.
  • By locking the back wheels by means of a lever that can be flipped, ensures that when you take your hands off the stroller for whatever reason there will be no untoward accidents.  Strollers have been modelled to coast along without difficulty, so if you are not a flat surface you run the risk of the stroller moving away from you if the wheels are not locked, keep this in mind as it’s not worth the risk.
  • Always remember that you are responsible for the safety of your passenger, stick to safe routes, take note of the weather conditions at the time, ultimately keep out of the dark and rather jog in the daytime and just generally take note of the conditions and surroundings around you and never let your guard down.
  • Avoid crowded areas when jogging with a stroller because you can’t weave in and out of people as you can when you are running alone.  Frustration is the last avenue you want to go down so rather stick to paved trails and un-crowded places.

Avoid an average four wheeled stroller for jogging, they just are not made for this type of adventure, they can tip very easily and the precarious wheels are not to be trusted at high speeds.    Rather look out for a stroller that is smooth moving and stable.  As a jogger and a new parent as well, it would suffice to say that a jogging stroller will be a worthy investment, both for you and your precious passenger.

Before embarking on a run with your little one, the tires need to be checked, do a general inspection of the stroller making sure that nothing is loose, use bicycle oil to lubricate the shock piston, this will prevent the stroller from getting squeaky.

Your general running with the stroller will require that you keep both hands on the handlebar, purely for better control.   And if you are running down a substantial downhill have the wrist strap securely around your hand while holding on tight with both hands.   On a flat road or surface, alternating your hands will be fine.  When you have completed your run or race, make sure that you do not lean into the stroller especially when you are tired, preferably stay upright keeping your elbows bent.


This is a guest post by Lucy at Best Jogging Stroller

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